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Shoko Otowa

October 31st, 2023.


Born in Japan. Shoko Otowa is an emerging artist who expresses a portrait of one's heart. Her delicate and sensitive works of the color and brush reflect the sentiment of nostalgia, happiness and passion.  

Her passion is keep spreading out and she has started writing poems, essays and novels in 2016.

She is a Promotion ambassador of the City of Kuji (in the Iwate prefecture-Northeast part of Japan- facing the pacific ocean).

"One day, any of your doubt, sorrow and hope 
shall be transformed into something beautiful"
by Shoko Otowa


<<Received Awards/works>>


CD jacket artwork
"RADIOTANGO" (Pablo Ziegler Chamber Quartet)


7 awarded artists exhibition by JCAA

-Gallery K


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

313×313 Dreaming ART  Royal park hotel HANEDA
-Royal park hotel HANEDA


Bella Donna Art Exhibition   
-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

L'Art Actuel France-Japon
-The National Art Center, Tokyo 

Les Etoilesde Demain par JCAA
-Musee de Louvre Carrousel, Paris

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